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Jane Edden

Jane Edden is a British artist whose work is a synthesis of science, technology and art. Her initial inspiration came from the relationship between nature and culture and the desire to collect and categorise. For the England & Co exhibitions Sartorial (2004) and After a Fashion (2005), Edden made a series of works using materials from nature and insect specimens. Works in her 2006 exhibition at the gallery incorporated photography and sound.


Constructions & mixed media

Group of Insect Specimens - Details

Group of Insect Specimens 2001

Brass insects, solar cells, motors, twigs, glass
Various sizes

Insomnia - Details

Insomnia 2003

Tracing paper and acacia karoo thorns
10.25 x 5 x 8.25 inches

Botany Collection - Details

Botany Collection 2005

Natural materials set in resin in acrylic cases
Each piece 5.5 x.11.25 x 6 inches

  Exhibited After a Fashion, England & Co 2005