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Frank Beanland

Born in Yorkshire in 1936, Frank Beanland studied at the Slade and was part of the Porthleven group of painters in Cornwall in the 1960s. He first attracted critical attention when his landscape paintings evolved into all-over compostitions of light and colour - his 'spot paintings' which were first shown at the Grabowski Gallery in London. Beanland also exhibited with the London gallery Arthur Tooth & Sons.



Cadmium Green in White - Details

Cadmium Green in White September 1975

Oil on canvas
12 x 10 inches

Red Discs on Blue - Details

Red Discs on Blue October 1969

Oil on canvas
12 x 18 inches

White with Orange and Green - Details

White with Orange and Green July 1969

Oil on canvas
14 x 18 inches

Red over Lilac + Orange - Details

Red over Lilac + Orange 1968

Oil on canvas
44 x 34 inches