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Ralph Rumney

Ralph Rumney (1934-2002), the British artist and writer, crossed paths with many of the radical movements in art and politics of the past 50 years, and has became particularly renown in recent years for being a co-founder of the culturally subversive Situationist International. Rumney led a nomadic existence, seeing his life as ‘permanent adventure and endless experiment’, but finally settled in the South of France towards the end of his life. His early abstract paintings were tachiste in style, and his major work of that period, The Change (1957), was purchased by the Tate Gallery from his retrospective exhibition at England & Co in 1989.

Works by Rumney are included in the current exhibition at England & Co – Talking of Yves: Friendships and connections in Paris, New York and London – which runs from 23 June until 21 July 2010.

Drawings & works on paper >   

Untitled - Details

 Untitled (Head series) 1963

Gold and metal leaf on board
46.75 x 60.5 inches

View Details of Untitled
London No.9 - Details

 London No.9 (Head series) 1964

Gold and silver leaf on board
19.5 x 22.5 inches

View Details of London No.9 Ref: RR011
Untitled - Details

 Untitled 1956

Ripolin on board
42 x 29 inches

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City Figure - Details

 City Figure 1957

Ripolin on board
48 x 36 inches

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The Change - Details

 The Change 1957

Oil, ripolin and gold leaf on masonite
61 x 79 inches

Acquired from England & Co by Tate, London

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Dance of the Warriors - Details

 Dance of the Warriors 1956

Oil on newsprint laid on board
22.5 x 14 inches

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Untitled - Details

 Untitled 1956

Oil on canvas
30 x 20 inches

View Details of Untitled