Photo London 2024

Artists for Democracy (1974-1977): Revisited

Towards the Painting: Paintings by Ken Sequin / Words by Iliassa Sequin

Max Prus: Their Garden City

Magnus Irvin: Drawings, Prints, Animated Cardboard Works

London Art Fair 2024

Life is a Leaking Boat – David Thorp


Autres Choses

Women’s Works: artists working in 1979s & ’80s London

Paris Photo 2023

Frieze Masters 2023

Christine Khondji: Embroideries & Artist Books

Perifimou (1916-2001)

In Search of the Miraculous

Artists for Democracy 1974-1977


Paris Photo 2022

Frieze Masters 2022

Photo London 2022

London Art Fair 2022


Paris Photo 2021

Photo London 2021

London Art Fair 2021


Photo London 2020


Paris Photo 2019

Curtains for Mrs Thatcher

Anne Bean: How Things Used to Be Now

Photo London 2019

Draw Art Fair London 2019

London Art Fair 2019


Frieze London 2018

Photo London 2018

Ideas Over Form

London Art Fair 2018


Jo Bondy (1937–2015): Pandora’s Box: Assemblages, Box-works and Ceramics from the 1960s & 1970s

Paule Vezelay (1892–1984)

Photo London 2017

Clay Perry: Documenting the avant-garde

20|21 British Art Fair 2017

Prints of the 1960s & 1970s

London Art Fair 2017


The Fair – Outsider Art Fair Paris

Photo London 2016

London Art Fair 2016


Outsider Art Fair, Paris

20|21 British Art Fair

London Art Fair 2015


Monica Ross: valentine

Michelle Charles: Shape of Light

John Dunbar: Remember when today was tomorrow

Anthea Alley: Works from the 1950s & 1960s

Signals (1964-1966)

Twelve Fisted Boxing Caterpillar: Jack Bilbo & Ben Woodeson

Justin Almquist

Color Mahogany Center: Volker Eichelmann & Sir Francis Rose

The Exploding Galaxy/99 Balls Pond Road

Artists of the Colony Room (1948-2008)


Chris Kenny

Tina Keane

Between Worlds: Rituals & Pagan Rites

Cecilia Vicuña

Works from the 1970s & 1980s
Group Exhibition: Michael Druks, Tina Keane, John Dugger, Judy Clark

The Unknown World of Friedrich Nagler (1920-2009)

Michael Druks

Genevieve Seille & Jean Dubuffet


Paule Vézelay: Abstraction Création to Groupe Espace

Pinta Latin American Art Fair New York

Screen Practice
Group exhibition: Tina Keane, Lutz Becker, Harald Smykla, David Hall, Michael Druks.

Pinta Latin American Art Fair London

Wandering Lines ii


Woojung Chun: Library

Trailer: Alberto Duman & Harald Smykla

Chris Kenny: Solo exhibition

Georgia Russell: Cutting Through Time

Turner’s View/Star Drawings

Wandering Lines: Automatic Drawing to Abstraction.

London Art Fair 2011


Gallery Artists: Featured recent tempera paintings by Mathew Gibson in a group exhibition.

John Dugger: Ergonic Messenger
Beneath the Radar in 1970s London
Group exhibition including Judy Clark, Michael Druks, Susan Hiller, Tina Keane, Liliane Lijn, David Medalla.

Summer Exhibition

Talking of Yves: Friendships and connections in Paris, New York & London Featuring Yvonne Hagen, Tina Keane, Susan Hiller, Iris Clert, Ralph Rumney, NH Stubbing and Yves Klein.

John Furnival: somewhere between poetry and painting A survey of prints, drawings and collaborations from the 1960s to today.

Shane Bradford Selected works: paintings and dipped objects.

Lines in Space: Paule Vézelay & Linda Karshan
Drawings and 3-D constructions by British abstract pioneer Paule Vézelay and drawings by contemporary artist Linda Karshan.

Harald Smykla: Movie Protocols & Other Activities
Performances and drawings.

London Art Fair 2010


Anne Rothenstein: Recent Paintings

The Map Is Not the Territory Revisited
Fourth in an occasional series: new work by gallery artists and others working with maps and map-making strategies.

Zoo Art Fair

Stuart Brisley
Sculpture (a new installation of Bloody House), vintage photographs of performances by the artist, plus recent drawings.

Chair Poetics: envisioning anonymity
Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor’s reconfigured chairs, and prints.
London Design Festival project.

Georgia Russell: Recent works
Altered books and constructions with cut-paper ephemera.

Clay Perry’s photographs of London’s avant-garde art scene in the 1960s, shown together with works from the time.

City X
Ballard, Brisley, Buhler, Charman, Duman, Griffin, Kenny, Piesniewski, Smykla, Wallis-Johnson.

London Art Fair 2009


Remembering Albert Herbert (1925–2008)
A celebration of the life of Albert Herbert who died in May 2008.

Brian Griffin: Photographs

Persistent Obsessions
Works by Stuart Brisley, William Green, Tina Keane, Chris Kenny, Georgia Russell, Harald Smykla, Jason Wallis-Johnson.

Philippe Mora: Then & Now
Works from 1960s London to Los Angeles Today.

Summer Exhibition 2008

Morag Ballard: Recent Paintings

Reflections: Bodo Sperlein
Installation of objects by German designer based in London.

Is there anybody out there?
Exploring UFOs and extraterrestrial activities.

Peter King (1928–1957) Retrospective (sculpture & works on paper).

William Pye: Works from the 1960s and 1970s (sculpture and works on paper)

London Art Fair 2008


John Dugger: Expeditionary Mountain Banners

re:formed New works by Chris Kenny, Georgia Russell
& Jason Wallis-Johnson.

Klaus Friedeberger: Works 1940–1970

20|21 British Art Fair 2007, RCA, London

Samira Abbassy & Geneviève Seillé

The Neo Naturists Grayson Perry, Jennifer Binnie,
Christine Binnie & Wilma Johnson.

Paule Vézelay and her Circle Paris and the South of France 1920-1940
(including André Masson, Jean Arp & Sophie Tauber-Arp).

Modern Works on Paper Fair, Royal Academy, London.

London Art Fair 2007


Carolyn Gowdy: Life Is an Adventure

Literary Constructs
Works by Chris Kenny, Georgia Russell, Vito Drago, Liliane Lijn,
Rupert Spira & Arthur Giardelli

Stuart Brisley: Works 1958–2006
(paintings, photographs, films & filmed performances)

20|21 British Art Fair 2006, RCA, London

Maliheh Afnan: Selected works 1960–2006

Jane Edden: Migration (recent works with photography & sound)

Liliane Lijn: Selected Works 1959-1980
(kinetic sculptures & works on paper)

Heinz Henghes (sculpture and works on paper)

London Art Fair 2006


BRANDT: Known and Unknown
Bill Brandt: Photographs
Rolf Brandt: Illustrations and Surrealist drawings from the 1940s

Morag Ballard: Recent Paintings & Reliefs

Anne Rothenstein: Recent Paintings

Daniel Weil: Time Again (designs, drawings, concepts and objects)
London Design Week Project

Albert Herbert: 80th Birthday Exhibition

After a Fashion (exhibition of art and fashion)

Chris Kenny: The Matter of Facts (collage constructions)

Georgia Russell: Recent Work
(constructions of cut sheet-music and books)

Four Artists: Adrian Bannon, James Burbidge, Vito Drago
and Mathew Gibson

London Art Fair 2005


Paule Vézelay (1892–1984) : Retrospective

Rolf Brandt (1906–1986) : Retrospective

Jonathan Parsons & Jason Wallis-Johnson
(paintings, installation, sculpture, drawings)

Two Artists from Iran: Samira Abbassy & Christine Khondji

Designs for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times:
Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Michael Anastassiades
(furniture/sculpture) London Design Week Project

Stephen Bird: Recent Ceramics

Elisabetta Catamo: Recent Works
(constructions with wood & graphite)

Stephen Harper: Recent Paintings

Pamela Bianco (1906-1994): Retrospective

London Art Fair 2004


The Map Is Not the Territory iii

Sartorial: Conceptual clothing, art and fashion

Chris Kenny: Part of me is floating above myself

Anne Rothenstein: Recent Paintings

Peter Bunting: Paintings from the New World

Morag Ballard: Recent Paintings & Reliefs

London Art Fair 2003


Alan Fletcher: Thoughts on a Wall

Mateusz Fahrenholz: Recent Constructions
Jason Wallis-Johnson: Recent Drawings and Lightboxes
(concurrent exhibitions)

The Map Is Not the Territory ii

Georgia Russell: Recent constructions and bookworks

Adrian Bannon: Recent Work (constructions, installation, sculpture)

Recent Work: Joanna Chapman, Alexandra Julyan, Jane Millar, Sophie Eynon, Elaine Wilson

London Art Fair 2002


The Map Is Not the Territory i

Obsessive Visions: Art Outside the Mainstream
Nek Chand: Works from the Rock Garden
(concurrent exhibitions)

Chris Kenny: Works from 2001
Jane Edden: Recent Work
(concurrent exhibitions)

Joanne Berry: Light-box Drawings
Elisabetta Catamo: Metaphysical Constructions
(concurrent exhibitions)

Arthur Giardelli: Retrospective (constructions)

NH Stubbing (1921–1983) : Retrospective
(Hand-print paintings & works on paper)

Simon Nicholas: City Paintings

Morag Ballard: Recent Work (paintings & constructions)

London Art Fair 2001


Chris Kenny: Recent Work

Adrian Bannon: Nature Studies iii

Geneviève Seillé: Crossing the Sea of Ink

Paule Vézelay (1892–1984): Retrospective

Maliheh Afnan: Retrospective
Rebecca Forster: Drawings and zinc sculptures
(concurrent exhibitions)

Chris Hipkiss, Farouq Molloy, James Lancaster


Albert Herbert: Retrospective

Continuation: Twelve Years of England & Co



Post-war British Art 1940-1960


Maurice Collis 1889–1973: Retrospective

British Women Surrealists + Linda Carmen (1910–1991): A Forgotten Surrealist

Silent Worlds: John Christopherson 1921–1996


Modern British Painting 1936–1996

Outsiders & Co

Elisabeth Collins


Geneviève Seillé: Recent Work

British Surrealism 1935–1995

Mateusz Fahrenholz


Adrian Bannon

Three American Friends: Natkin, Dolnick & Dillon

Len Shelley

Elsbeth Juda


William Green: The Susan Hayward Exhibition

Paule Vézelay 1892–1984

Art in Boxes III

The 1960s in London


Stephen Harper

Geneviève Seillé

Bruce Tippett

Benjamin Creme

Art in Boxes II

James Burbidge


Robert Dickerson (Drawings)

John Kashdan (Monotypes)

Art in Boxes

Morag Ballard

Paule Vézelay


NH Stubbing

Boxes and Totems

Jack Bilbo & The Moderns


Ralph Rumney: Constats (1950-1988)

Michael Horovitz


William Gear: the Cobra Years

John Kashdan (paintings and monotypes)

Albert Herbert

Paule Vézelay & André Masson: Paintings and works on paper 1928-1934


Sir Francis Rose: A Retrospective

Paule Vézelay: Master of Line

Reflections of the Fifties: JDH Catleugh and John Milnes-Smith

Jack Bilbo

Benjamin Creme

Martin Bradley