6 October—17 November 2007
Three artists represented by England & Co exhibit together

  Chris Kenny’s map works use the colours of his materials in an almost painterly way. His landmarks float and interact in unlikely combinations that ricochet back and forth between disparate locations and associations. The motifs of roads, parks, football pitches, dual carriageways, car parks, routes and places are cut from maps from around the world. They are re-arranged in new three-dimensional configurations and chart the very nature of place itself. These works together with his text constructions – all of them geometrical and abstract – have some affinity with the pure and clear world of early Modernism. Artist’s page >
  Georgia Russell utilises the potential of her found materials when she manipulates, cuts and transforms books, music scores, newspapers, maps and photographs. She has always chosen material which ‘holds within it a sense of its own history’ and intervenes with her chosen objects in order to resurrect them. Even as she strives to retain and reclaim the past, her techniques attack it and so a sense of loss and preservation becomes part of each work. Her chosen materials are transformed, sometimes with flamboyant colour and wild cutting, sometimes with discreet play on the subject or title of her printed ephemera. Russell’s cut-out traceries hover between object and image. Artist’s page >


  Jason Wallis-Johnson’s new works include his large-scale figures Camouflaged Christ and Queen of the Universe, iconic images rendered strangely surreal with their marbleised silicone surfaces. The smaller silicone figures in the exhibition emerge  from found figurines, sometimes with pieces of their former porcelain selves still attached. Now abstracted, they bear traces of their ‘human’ beginnings. Also included are Lightboxes from his series of illuminated maps with pierced surfaces that shimmer against the light. His meticulous carbon drawings use manual techniques to produce what seem to be mechanically-made designs on paper. Artist’s page >