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Tina Keane

Tina Keane studied fine art and film-making in London. She makes works and installations using film, video and digital technologies and has exhibited widely around the world. As a research fellow at Central Saint Martins College of Art, she has also turned her attention to the internet and is a leader in the field of digital creativity. She has said that art for her 'is about defining many different forms of reality, and this takes many types of vocabulary. Can any single form or combination of forms bring us closer to answering the questions: "Who are we?" and "Why?" '

Keane has participated in England & Co's exhibition programme in exhibitions including Sartorial (2003); her 1996 film Beyond the Blue Grain was included in Is there anybody out there? (2008);  her sculpture Neon Couch was included in  Persistent Obsessions (2008); her film Yvonne Hagen Remembers Yves Klein featured in the exhibition Talking of Yves: Friendships and Connections in Paris, New York and London (2010); her 1978 film She was shown during Beneath the Radar in 1970s London (2010); and several of her films were shown in Screen Practice (2012).

In October 2012, her film and performance work Transposition was performed and shown as one of the festival events for Tate Modern's new underground oil tank spaces. Her installation Demolition/Escape was shown at Matt's Gallery in Revolver Part 3.

Her most recent solo exhibition was held at England & Co (5 October-9 November 2013):  Tina Keane.

 Film & video   


Caution Thin Ice - Details

Caution Thin Ice 1993

Mixed media with video and neon

Neon Couch - Details

Neon Couch 2001

Neon sculpture
15 x 40 x 16 inches

  Edition of 5