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Anthea Alley

Anthea Alley (1927-1993) studied in London at St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Originally a painter, she came to work across a variety of media and is particularly known for her work with welded metal and her metal sculptures using machine stampings left over from manufacturing processes.

Anthea Alley: Works from the 1950s and 1960s - a solo exhibition - is currently at England & Co until 27 September 2014.

A selection of works from the exhibition are on these pages, and further works will be added shortly.

 Constructions & mixed media   Sculpture   


ET - Details

ET 1962-63
36 x 36 inches
Mixed media and found metal on board
Ref: AP13
Dr No - Details

Dr No 1962-63
36 x 36 inches
Sand, wooden box, acrylic on board
Ref: AP12
Untitled - Details

Untitled c 1964
60 x 24 inches
Found metal, sand and acrylic on board
Ref: AP31
Dionysus iv - Details

Dionysus iv c 1959
48.5 x 48 inches
Sand, mixed media, oil on board
Ref: AP19
Dionysus ii - Details

Dionysus ii c 1959
48.5 x 48 inches
Sand, oil and mixed media on board
Ref: AP24