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John Aldus (Gérald Ducimetière)

John Aldus (born Geneva, 1940 as Gérald Ducimetière) is a French/Swiss sculptor, painter, photographer and multimedia artist. After graduating from the Ecole des Art Decoratifs and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Switzerland in 1961, he was awarded several prestigious scholarships and had his first museum exhibition in 1965 at the Museé Rath, Geneva. He has had numerous international exhibitions over the past five decades since, initially under his original name of Ducimetière. In 1994, he changed his name to John Aldus, took French citizenship and moved to London, where he has lived and worked since. Aldus has worked as an architectural draughtsman, graphic designer, and theatre and film stage designer, and occasionally as a visiting professor. He states that he is "engaged in examining the role of art and its mechanisms in contemporary society". This questioning of the role of art in the community is reflected in the installations he has created for public spaces in Switzerland and Europe, where his intention is "to re-inject the idea of art in the collectivity".



Ground / Rain / Air - Details

Ground / Rain / Air Pluie 'Identification am Sol ii' (air) 1972
32.75 x 23.5 ins
Vintage photographs in original mount (detail).

Ground / Rain / Rain - Details

Ground / Rain / Rain Pluie 'Identification am Sol i' (eau) 1972
32.75 x 23.5 ins
Vintage photographs in original mount (detail).

Lumière / Lumières - Details

Lumière / Lumières 1972
21.75 x 17.75 ins
Vintage black and white photographs with 2 postcards with additions in original mount