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Alberto Duman

Alberto Duman is a conceptual and installation artist who uses print, sound, light, photography, video and film. Born in Milan in 1966, Duman has lived in Britain since 1990 and graduated from Camberwell College of Art with an MA in printmaking in 1996, before turning his focus to Public Art. He has held residencies, is a researcher and lecturer, and his installation project in Sharjah was published in the 2009 Sharjar Biennale catalogue. Duman's silkscreen prints, Views of London, published by England & Co with the artist in 2007, were included in the exhibition City X; and his film and photography practice featured in a two-person exhibition in 2011: Trailer: Alberto Duman & Harald Smykla.

A set of Duman's Views of London is now in the collection of the British Museum.

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Terrible Tuesday - Details

Terrible Tuesday 2011
23 x 31.5 inches (flat size)
Digital print on aluminium sheet
Edition of 3