Vaso de Leche, Bógota, 1979

CECILIA VICUÑA  made this site-specific performance work in response to the scandal of the tragic deaths caused by contaminated milk in Bógota.

“To protest the ‘milk crime’, I announced the spilling of a glass of milk in front of the residence of the liberator Simón Bolivar,” Vicuña recalls. “People gathered, I spilled the glass.”

The action was photographed for the artist by Oscar Monsalve. The image shown here is one of a sequence of four prints published by the artist and England & Co in a new edition of 7 sets.

Tate acquires Cecilia Vicuña’s Los Precarios: see News.

COMING SOON England & Co’s first online exhibition will focus on works on paper. It will feature works by artists including Cecilia Vicuña, Jack Bilbo, Maurice Collis, Paule Vézelay, Geneviève Seillé, Chris Kenny, John Dunbar and John Furnival.