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Jennifer Binnie

British artist Jennifer Binnie was born in 1958. She studied art at Eastbourne College from 1976-78, and then at Portsmouth Poytechnic from 1978-81, where she met Grayson Perry, her partner for the next seven years. They formed the Neo Naturist cabaret with her sister Christine Binnie, and the painter Wilma Johnson. Binnie now lives in Sussex and has had numerous exhibitions since her first solo show of paintings in 1984 at James Birch's gallery in London. In 2007, Binnie was included in two exhibitions: Secret Public - Last Days of the British Underground at the Kunstverein Mnchen, Germany, which was also held at the ICA, London; and at England & Co. In September 2013, Binnie was featured in the exhibition with screenings of her early films made with Grayson Perry and her portraits from the same period of herself and Perry as ancient Britons, together with recent works. Recent Press

Binnie is currently featured in The Neo Naturists at Studio Voltaire, London, an exhibition that includes the paintings reproduced below.


Film & video

Grayson/Flowers/Jewels - Details

Grayson/Flowers/Jewels c 1981/82

Film devised and filmed by Jennifer Binnie and performed by Grayson Perry

  DVD edition of 7 (+ A/P)