Jonathan Parsons


Jonathan Parsons was born in England, in 1970. He has exhibited widely in Britain and America, including Sensation in 1997 at the Royal Academy, London, and is represented in the Arts Council Collection.

In 2004, Jonathan Parsons exhibited recent work at England & Co in a two-man show with Jason Wallis-Johnson. Works included Zoned Out, a sculpture made from two dissections of the London Connections map; and Rats, a neon work that reversed the word 'STAR'. His 'Flags', investigations of codes of representation and their role as tokens of collective identities, were represented by his Flag for London. The paintings in this exhibition analysed graffiti, 'tags' and signs, and immortalised those symbols of individual declarations of existence. Parsons' paintings are products of a conscious reversal of their own conventions - what he is doing in terms of practice is relating traditional modes of representation and production to issues of contemporary relevance.

Parsons' art is an enquiry into systems and structures: those of the everyday world and art itself. He has developed a complex and diverse practice, and 'although Parsons works in many media, always creating the appropriate mode of production for the ideas he wishes to convey, his oevre has a remarkable unity' (Tayna Harrod writing in the catalogue for his 2000 exhibition at the James Hockey Gallery).