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21: T-Rent
The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

A performance for the Riverside Festival at Victoria Embankment by the River Trent, initiated by +graft, 06/08/05.

This is an interactive River Comedy with a convoluted, increasingly absurd yet inherently logical circular plot line, concerning a fictitious ancient local revenue source. I re-introduce the forgotten and utterly unfair 'T-Rent' to festival visitors in the guise of a researcher, pagan ritual re-enactor, local authority official and protester who casually creates merchandising opportunities for flogging hand-stained 'Campaign T-Towels'. A transcript of my Dictaphone recordings of the performance was published in two parts by the Eccentric City newspaper (www.eccentriccity.co.uk).

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