Harald Smykla

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</b>41: <b>Synchronised Swingers of Bermondsey - Details

41: Synchronised Swingers of Bermondsey
The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Interactive installation/performance (collaboration with D. Launder) for Play All Day, Dilston Grove, London SE16, 28/10/00. Internal dimensions of church building: 13m (h) x 6m (w) x 33m (d).

We cast a continuous length of marine rope (approx. 75m) over a central rafter and loop it around several times. With the ends of the rope joined and seat panels inserted into three separate loops near ground level, this swing can only work if used by three people simultaneously. Communication precedes and concurs with the pleasure of jointly exploring a vast architectural space in flight.

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