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</b>46: <b>Greenwich Reprojection (Archijection/Blueprint) - Details

46: Greenwich Reprojection (Archijection/Blueprint)
The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Site-specific performance/installation for Seeing the Light, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, Old Naval College, London SE10. Start date: 21/12/05.

In Reprojections, the humble overhead projector (OHP) becomes my performative tool to merge reality with its image: I create a reverse drawing by tracing OHP-illuminated space with the shadow of my pen in hand. The image evolving on the projector is simultaneously cast back onto a fluidly changing reality that becomes set and plot for an immersive play with our perceptions of time and space, presence and absence (see also 63d).

During the exhibition, I use this process to 'paint' the arched space blue, section by section, leaving only contours and light sources blank. At the end of each day, the off-switch turns everything back to normal.

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