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</b>47: <b>Day 16K, part 1 </b> - Details

47: Day 16K, part 1
Ground Preparation (Audio-Fluidity/250 Chessboards)

The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Performance in two parts, Christmas 2004, The Canteen, Area10, London SE15.
(See also numbers 35, 48, 61 and 49-51.)

On 25 Dec 2004, 8.30pm, I happen to be exactly 16,000 days old – which I visualise as 250 'chessboard units' of 64. Celebratory procedures, attended by about a dozen Christmas refugees, start on Christmas Eve (my 15,999th life-day) with number 47: Ground Preparation (Audio-Fluidity/250 Chessboards) Performance. Throughout my 15,999th life-day, 24/12/04, 8.30pm onwards I gradually cover a sheet of tracing paper of the same size as the room’s only window in 250 chessboard grids, drawn with a plump ink pen dipped in red wine. Each such drawing of 64 squares is preceded by the pervasive sound produced by moving my wine-soaked fingertip along the rim of the wine glass in 64 audible circular movements.

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