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</b>48: <b>Day 16K, part 2</b> - Details

48: Day 16K, part 2
(Transfer Ticker: Per Tenebras ad Lucem – 'Through Darkness to the Light')

The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Performance marking the beginning of my 16,000th life-day, 25/12/04, 8.30pm onwards.

I fit the previously completed drawing (see number 47) inside the window and cover it completely with carbon paper. Over the next 3 hours, I batter this black surface with my thumbnails to the rhythm of my heart, transferring the marks of 16,000 successive beats onto the underlying drawing. From outside, guests can observe the rhythmic growth of black tick clusters that appear in the window seemingly out of thin air.

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