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</b>49: <b>Perfect Square Day, part 1  <br /> - Details

49: Perfect Square Day, part 1
(47 – On reaching Life's Last Perfect Square)

The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Numbers 49-51: A performance triptych on the 16,384th day of my life, various locations in Southwark, London,
13-14 Jan '06.

47 On Reaching Life's Last Perfect Square
Performance at Area10, London SE15, 13/01/06. 8.30-11pm.

A square of 256 sushi nori sheets, each representing a 'chessboard unit' of 64 days, visualises my life-time: 47 days, the only 'perfect square number' ever occurring in an adult persons day count. While gradually erasing the image plane by cutting up the seaweed sheets one by one into 64 one-day segments, I uncover autobiographic ground spots. These intermittent fragments of my personal narrative interweave with that of Stefan Zweigs novella The Royal Game, read out in 64 alternating sections.

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