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</b>50: <b>Perfect Square Day, part 2<br> - Details

50: Perfect Square Day, part 2
(214 – A North Southwark Chess Pilgrimage)

The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches

Numbers 49-51: A performance triptych on the 16,384th day of my life, various locations in Southwark, London,
13-14 Jan '06.

214 A North Southwark Chess Pilgrimage
Performance walk from Area10, Peckham, London SE15, to Coleman Project Space, Bermondsey, London SE16, 14/01/06, noon-7.30pm.
Fellow walkers: Eden Solomon and Ivan dEvan.
Locating Bureau staff at Coleman: Beth Elliott and Kelly O'Reilly.

While we walk-draw the numeral 214 (= 16,384) into urban life and topography, new local narratives evolve from encountering people and places at or between 'chess piece stations'. I leave homemade site-relevant chess sets at a Pawn-brokers, at Bishops Mead, Knights Walk, Elephant & Castle, Queens Road and Kings Grove. En route, we fax or phone reports, drawings and chess notations to Locating Bureau staff, who use the material to create an evolving display, enabling gallery visitors to monitor the Chess Pilgrims progress.

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