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</b>51: <b>Perfect Square Day, part 3</b><br> - Details

51: Perfect Square Day, part 3
(47 Reprise: Transit)

The 7-Year Itch

Mixed media on paper
12 x 17.25 inches
Numbers 49-51: A performance triptych on the 16,384th day of my life, various locations in Southwark, London,
13-14 Jan '06.

47 Reprise: Transit
Performance in Coleman's Shed, London SE16,
14/01/06, 8-9pm.
With Beth Elliot and Eden Solomon.

The reconstructed 'perfect square' of sushi nori is now receiving pictorial additions: grid-printing with turmeric powder and spray-moulding with daffodil essence are part of a multi-sensory, semi-alchemic transformation process.

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