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Ionel Talpazan

Ionel Talpazan (1955-2015) was a Romanian-born artist who lived in New York from 1987 until his death. He drews, painted and sculpted flying saucers, and traced his interest in UFOs to an encounter with a 'blue energy' that passed over him one night as a boy in rural Romania. He hoped to explain the inner workings of UFOs with his art, particularly by his annotated drawings and diagrams of 'advanced saucer propulsion systems'.

Works by Talpazan were included in the Gallery's 2008 exhibition Is there anybody out there?

Drawings & works on paper

Untitled - Details

Untitled 2000
26 x 34 inches
Mixed media on board

Untitled - Details

Untitled 1990s
20 x 26 inches
Mixed media on paper