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Tina Keane

Tina Keane (b.1940) studied fine art and film-making in London, moving from painting to producing light shows in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, she was active in the Women Artists' Group, and women's film distribution group, Circles. She was a Research Fellow, and Lecturer in Film and Video at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London (1982-2012).

Keane has exhibited internationally and participated in England & Co's exhibition programme for many years. She exhibited photographs in Sartorial (2003); her film Beyond the Blue Grain in Is there anybody out there? (2008); the sculpture Neon Couch in Persistent Obsessions (2008); and her film Yvonne Hagen Remembers Yves Klein featured in the exhibition Talking of Yves: Friendships and Connections in Paris, New York and London (2010). Her 1978 film, She, was shown in Beneath the Radar in 1970s London (2010); and several of her films were included in Screen Practice (2012).

Keane's film and performance work Transposition was performed and shown as a festival event for Tate Modern's underground oil tank spaces in 2012, and her installation Demolition/Escape was shown at Matt's Gallery in Revolver Part 3. Keane's most recent solo exhibition, Tina Keane, was held at England & Co; and in 2018, she was lead artist for Visions in the Nunnery: Programme 1 at the Nunnery Gallery, London, in partnership with England & Co. In October 2018, England & Co exhibited Keane's work as a solo presentation in the Social Work section of Frieze London.

Keane's poetic, innovative film, Faded Wallpaper, was acquired from England & Co by Tate in 2018, and included in the Tate St Ives touring exhibition Virginia Woolf: An Exhibition Inspired by her Writings. Keane's neon sculpture Faded Wallpaper was aquired from England & Co by the Government Art Collection; and another neon work, SHE, was acquired from the gallery by the British Council for their collection.

Photography   Sculpture   

Film & video

Faded Wallpaper - Details

Faded Wallpaper 1988
20 minutes
Digital edition of 7 (+ 1 A/P), 2017.
(Ref: TK 20)

In Our Hands, Greenham - Details

In Our Hands, Greenham 1982-84
38 minutes
Video (original format screened on a single monitor.
Edition of 7 (+1 x A/P) 2018 published by England & Co with the artist, 2018.
(Ref: TK 22)

Beyond the Blue Grain - Details

Beyond the Blue Grain 1996
8 minutes
Still image from 16mm film

Yvonne Hagen Remembers Yves Klein - Details

Yvonne Hagen Remembers Yves Klein
DVD, edition of 7
Still image from filmed interview, published in 2008