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Harald Smykla

Harald Smykla is a German-born artist who has been London-based since 1988. He studied painting and printmaking at Karlsruhe in the 1980s, and pictorial concerns still inform the ephemeral, site-time, context-specific and frequently collaborative live art practice he has pursued since the late 1990s. He has exhibited and performed throughout Britain and Europe and presented work in Israel and Croatia during the MAP Live Performance Art Exchange programme. He performed as part of East Wing Collection VIII (2008-09) at the Courtauld Institute, London, and at the Quad film festival in Derby, where his Movie Protocol drawings were exhibited (2010-11); and at the launch of UnSpooling - Artist & Cinema at Cornerhouse, Manchester (2010).  He exhibited with England & Co at the Zoo Art Fair (2009), and had a solo exhibition at the gallery Harald Smykla: Movie Protocols & Other Activities in 2010. Smykla has participated in numerous the group exhibitions at the gallery, most recently in Trailer (with Alberto Duman); Wandering Lines i & ii (2011 & 2012) and Screen Practice (2012).

Harald Smykla has been awarded the 2022 Brewers Towner International Prize for his series of works Iconoclash Press Flowers and Ovid Press Rewilding.

Londonist interview

Constructions & mixed media   Drawings & works on paper   


Movie Protocol: Metropolis - Details

Movie Protocol: Metropolis (Fritz Lang)
Performance event 2009

Lightfast ink on acrylic sheets
Click on image to see more details

Movie Protocol: The Lucky Dog - Details

Movie Protocol: The Lucky Dog (Laurel & Hardy, dir Jess Robbins) 2009

Performance event at Zoo Art Fair

Movie Protocol: Kagemusha - Details

Movie Protocol: Kagemusha (Kurosawa) 2009

Performance event at Zoo Art Fair