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Paul Tecklenberg

Paul Tecklenberg is a British artist who makes photographic images without camera, film or photographic negative. He 'paints' with light on to photographic paper using domestic objects as stencils to create haunting images that reveal what is beneath the surface and hidden from the naked eye.

Tecklenberg studied at Nottingham Trent University and the Slade School of Fine Art; in 2008 he was elected a life member of the London Group. He has taken part in several exhibitions with England & Co since 2002, including The Map Is Not the Territory series, Sartorial and After a Fashion. His work has also been shown in Europe and New York.



Lost Islands of the 21st Century - Details

Lost Islands of the 21st Century 2009
22.5 x 34 inches

Aurora Australis i - Details

Aurora Australis i 2003
Diameter 19.5 inches
Silver gelatin print on MDF with matt UV laminate & day-glo paint