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Vassilakis Takis

Vassilakis Takis was born in Greece in 1925. His series of sculptures - his Signals - were exhibited in London at the Indica Gallery in the 1960s and were also exhibited at London's Signals gallery.

"For those whose primary concern is to trace the parentage of artistic forms, it would be well to ignore Takis-he has no immediate relatives. His work has ancestors nonetheless. His proud Signals, the metal stems pulsating in their electronic bloom, carry the genetic coding of archaic Greek 'kouroi'-statues of naked young men who step forward with control led balance and look into the distance with radiant, enigmatic smiles. Takis' Signals also step forward and look ahead. With their self-asserting strength they are likewise descendants of the simple cycladicforms of the Aegean Islands: independent, primordial, shedding all that is pretty or petty."
From the Foreword by Gyorgy Kepes, Takis: Evidence of the Unseen, by Wayne Anderson, MIT Press Classics Series.


Signal - Details

89 inches tall (full height)

Mixed media sculpture with lights

Multiple produced by Unlimited, Widcombe Manor, Bath

Installed at England & Co, 2009.
Private collection.