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Ben Woodeson

Ben Woodeson (born 1965) is a British artist, curator and lecturer who studied at Glasgow School of Art. Woodeson is known for his confrontational and often 'deliberately dangerous' sculptures, and has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, Japan, and North America. He was awarded the Theodore Randall International Chair in Sculpture Fellowship, Alfred University, NY, USA (2013), and a Roswell Artists in Residence Fellowship in Roswell, USA (2016-17).

In 2014, Woodeson exhibited with England & Co in Twelve-Fisted Boxing Caterpillar, a two-man exhibition curated by Jane England that put his glass and neon sculptures in juxtaposition with a group of political, expressionist and surreal drawings from the 1940s by his grandfather, Jack Bilbo (1907-1967). The exhibition presented a visual conversation across two generations: Woodeson in visual dialogue with the grandfather he never met.

Drawings & works on paper   


Rat Trap Neon - Details

Rat Trap Neon 2013
Dimensions variable
Neon and rat traps
Ref: BW-13
Almost Psychotically Nice to People - Details

Almost Psychotically Nice to People 2013
Dimensions variable
Clothes rack, ducting and rope
Ref: BW-14
No Pain No Gain - Details

No Pain No Gain 2013
Dimensions variable
Sheet glass and dumbbells
Ref: BW-15
Clamptastic - Details

Clamptastic 2013
Dimensions variable
Sheet glass and clamps
Ref: BW-16