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Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker OBE, RA, is a British artist (born 1956) renowned for her sculpture and installations. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is represented in numerous collections including Arts Council England; Tate, London; Henry Moore Foundation; British Museum; Yale Center for British Art, USA; MOMA, NY; and Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

Works from her two Meteorite Landing series produced in association with the Multiple Store were exhibited in The Map Is Not the Territory series of exhibitions at England & Co. These series of 'meteorite landings', mark the spots where the everyday meets the extra-terrestrial, and were made by the artist heating a 400-year-old iron meteorite until glowing hot and then using it to burn iconic locations on maps of London and the USA.


Meteorite Lands on Wormwood Scrubs - Details

Meteorite Lands on Wormwood Scrubs 2000
21.5 x 27.25 inches
Maple-framed map

One copy of the original sold-out edition of 20 published by the Multiple Store is currently available from the gallery.