Eduardo Kac and his Minitel poem at MoMA

Eduardo Kac at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

November 2019 

Several works by Eduardo Kac are featured in New York’s newly renovated Museum of Modern Art‘s display of its permanent collection, including Reabracadabra (1985) and works from the Porn Art Movement (1980–82).

Reabracadabra is one of four animated digital poems that Kac created specifically for the Minitel network, the 1980s precursor of the internet. Also on display at MoMA are items from the Porn Art Movement (Movimento de Arte Pornô), which was created by Kac and collaborators in the early 1980s to contest the conservatism of Brazil’s military dictatorship through interventions, poetry, performances and publications, often with a liberating sense of humour. The display of items from the permanent collection includes Kac’s artist’s book Escracho (1983).