Courtauld Institute Culture Bound 2006

Four England & Co artists Culture Bound at the Courtauld Institute

April 2006 

Works by four Gallery artists – Chris Kenny, Georgia Russell, Vito Drago and Jason Wallis-Johnson – can be seen in the Courtauld Institute of Art’s East Wing Collection VII. This biennial exhibition is curated by a committee of Courtauld students and displayed in the Institute’s East Wing in Somerset House, London. England & Co sponsored the production of an artist’s map designed and hand-drawn by Jason Wallis-Johnson as a guide for visitors to find their way through the warren of rooms and staircases in the East Wing and to discover where individual works are to be found.

East Wing Collection VII is entitled Culture Bound and showcases the works of 39 contemporary artists. Culture Bound, write the curators, was born out of the premise that we are all essentially restricted within a specific and evolving cultural experience. The exhibition explores the ways in which contemporary art can prompt a reconsideration of cultural boundaries.