Eric Clapton opening Philippe Mora\'s exhibition at England & Co
Eric Clapton opening Philippe Mora\’s exhibition at England & Co.

Eric Clapton opens Philippe Mora’s exhibition

18 September 2008  

The Gallery’s new exhibition, Philippe Mora: Then and Now – Works from 1960s London to Los Angeles Today, was opened by the artist’s old friend Eric Clapton.

Clapton reminisced about their sharing a flat in the 1960s at The Pheasantry, a bohemian mansion in the King’s Road, Chelsea, saying that the movie Trouble in Molopolis, which starred many protagonists of the period, including Germaine Greer, was “the document of our time”.

It was a period when Australians seemed to be everywhere:  “in fine arts, music and theatre, in conventional, avant garde and counter culture … a combined outburst of Australian creativity hitting foreign shores.” This Australian exodus included Barry Humphries, Germaine Greer, Clive James, Richard Neville, Robert Hughes, Marsha Rowe and Bruce Beresford. Press: The Age