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Sandra Sheehy

Sandra Sheehy was born in Norfolk in 1965 and studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art but never pursued this career. She began making embroidery pictures in 1988. When she begins a new piece, she has no plan in mind: 'I start at the centre and the work unfolds to me... the constant feeling is of the repeating patterns of life that range from the microscopic to the ever-expanding universe.' Sheehy has exhibited in London and New York, and in 2001 she was included in Obsessive Visions: Art Outside the Mainstream at England & Co.

Constructions & mixed media

Untitled - Details

Untitled c 2000
5.75 x 8.25 inches
Embroidery and mixed media

Untitled - Details

Untitled c 1999
4.25 x 6 inches