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Elisabetta Catamo

Elisabetta Catamo is an Italian artist whose constructions fall somewhere between sculpture and painting. Meditative and poetic qualities are combined with the pleasure she takes in the decorative and dramatic aspects of her practice. She has exhibited widely in Europe (including two solo exhibitions at England & Co in 2000 and 2003), and represented Italy at the Cairo Biennale in 2002. She currently lives and works in Rome.

Catamo first became well known in the 1970s and ’80s as a photographer of intensely coloured, surreal tableaux of juxtaposed objects and/or body elements. Her work was soon featured in magazines, particularly in ZOOM Magazine, then highly influential for publishing fine art photography. When Catamo's distinctive photographs and style were widely copied without credit by the international advertising industry, she decided to concentrate instead on her sculptural constructions and collage works. In the past few years, she has begun to revisit and produce editions of these early works for the first time, exhibiting some in England & Co’s presentation at Photo London in 2019.


Constructions & mixed media

Tracce - Details

Tracce 1996
43.25 x 59.25 x 2 inches
Wood, graphite, feathers

Private collection

Orme - Details

Orme 1996
26.75 x 19 x 1.5 inches
Wood, graphite, feathers

Private collection

Oscurita - Details

Oscurita 1996
19.75 x 27.75 inches
Wood, black graphite, feathers

Private collection

Eclissi - Details

Eclissi 1997
39.25 x 39.25 x 3 inches
Wood, graphite, feathers

Private collection