Harald Smykla: Iconoclash Press Flowers: Forced to flee (2021). Photo: Harald Smykla.

Harald Smykla wins the Brewers Towner Prize

24 October 2022

Harald Smykla has won the 2022 Brewers Towner International Prize for his series of works Iconoclash Press Flowers and Ovid Press Rewilding.

The biennial exhibition and prize at the Tower Eastbourne has been curated by the gallery’s Exhibitions & Offsite Curator, Noelle Collins. She says Smykla’s “convincing and direct work appeals to us all, and is highly accessible whilst remaining complex. The London-based, German artist makes images which ‘rewild’ press images, providing respite from the ‘bad news’ in the form of colour and texture … Harald’s work in particular was appropriate to our [exhibition] theme of Sanctury.”

The exhibition at the Towner Eastbourne continues until 22 January 2023.