Jennifer Binnie: Dreaming of an Abandoned House (2017). Oil on canvas, 120 x 180 cm.

Jennifer Binnie curated by Jane England

November 2022

Jennifer Binnie: From the Forest is the first exhibition of Jennifer Binnie‘s own work in her new space, a listed former Turkish Baths in Hastings. It is curated by England & Co director, Jane England, who combines recent paintings with works from her studio archive, and who writes: “These paintings are embedded in nature and emerge from Binnie’s deep sense of connection to the natural world and her intense awareness of its fragility. She says that she feels ‘at one with the forest’ responsive to the trees, the animals, the spirits she senses there. Her paintings, drawn from nature and as as varied as a Grimms’ fairytale or pagan mythology, emanate from her ritualistic belief in birth and rebirth.”

1A Wellington Square, Hastings, East Sussex. By appointment.