'Analogue Word Processor' by Geneviève Seillé (1992).
Geneviève Seillé: Analogue Word Processor (1992).

Gèneviève Seillé to Birkenhead

December 2023

Geneviève Seillé’s Analogue Word Processor from 1992 is now in the collection of the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Birkenhead, UK. The work was acquired from an exhibition of Seillé’s at England & Co in 1995 and has recently been gifted to the Museum from the collection of Richard Sykes and Penny Mason through the Contemporary Art Society. Seillé is particularly known for her mixed media drawings, collages and bookworks. Her series of constructions from the 1980s and ’90s emerge from her private ‘cosmology’ and reflect her fascination with writing and numbers. For Seille, ‘words are magic’, and from childhood she has been fascinated by graffiti and what she describes as ‘the beauty of lines called letters’.