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Christine Khondji

Christine Khondji was born into a French-Iranian family in Iran in 1947. She studied archaeology and pre-history and now lives between London and Paris. As a child, she drew continuously and hid her drawings, saying that they 'were a shield against violence, against a child's helplessness... they were like the images you make out in flames... They are the djinns, the dives, the nomadic spirits of my childhood in Iran.' She has exhibited in London, Paris, Alexandria and Dubai, and in 2001 she was included in Obsessive Visions: Art Outside the Mainstream at England & Co, where she also exhibited in Two Artists from Iran: Samira Abbassy & Christine Khondji in 2004.

Drawings & works on paper

Djinn series ii - Details

Djinn series ii 2001
10.75 x 8.5 inches
Mixed media on paper

Djinn series i - Details

Djinn series i 2001
10.25 x 7 inches
Mixed media on paper